Evening at the Museum - Brushing Time

Date 22/11/2019

This event will be held in the lower courtyard and will start with two short presentations: Ghar Dalam Cave Deposits presented by the undersigned and the second presentation will be delivered by David Cardona (Senior Curator Roman Sites) on the excavation on the small shed at Ghar Dalam in 2019.
This will be followed by a hands-on exercise where participants will be divided into small groups to clean and sort the excavated material from the Ghar Dalam shed. This will include; cleaning, sorting, documentation, digitization and packing.
Drinks and snacks will be provided and is open for adults.

Price: € 20. Tickets are available from Heritage Malta museums, sites & online

Time: 1900 hours. The event is expected to end at around 2300 hours.  

Adult Price €20.00

Member Price €20.00

Senior Price €20.00

Student Price €20.00

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