Movimento session 3

Date 6/2/2020

In the second season of Movimento, ŻfinMalta is collaborating with Heritage Malta to introduce dance to a wider audience. This project allows participants to recognise tools of choreography in dance and in life. Watch dance come to life at MUŻA with experts who work with movement, and be part of it!

Have you ever wondered what contemporary dance is all about?

Ever come out of the theatre scratching your head in puzzlement?

Now you have the chance to gain skills and become an active spectator by attending Movimento, a series of five appointments with five different artists introducing you to the art of dance and choreography.

Anybody (recommended age 12 years onwards) who is curious about dance and how it is made can attend . Sessions are casual, informal, informative, immersive, interactive, and most importantly, engaging.

Each session will be led by an expert assisted by the national company dancers, and will explore notions around the works that are currently being programmed by ŻfinMalta.

Our Movimento experts take inspiration from life and its complexity and through their eyes we will start a journey in which we will discover that patterns of choreography can be found in anything around you.

Adult Price €10.00

Member Price €8.00

Senior Price €8.00

Student Price €8.00

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